SuperCarers mobile web app project

Finding quality home care for our loved ones can be very difficult and costly at a time of need. This personal experience prompted the Pike brothers to launch the SuperCarers startup: to connect the care seekers with the care givers.

During a 2 weeks sprint, Angela, Matt and I worked together to address the brief and offer SuperCarers a user-centred design solution.


SuperCarers have identified an opportunity in the downtime between on-boarding and communicating the care team package to the users.


How might we make use of the downtime to keep the user engaged?


There is a virtual bridge between the brochure site where the on-boarding takes place and the web app where the user manages the care team.


The care seeker feels informed, engaged and supported through the process.

key project takeaways

  • Understanding the user requires walking in their -sometimes uncomfortable- shoes, analysing the tasks at hand and observing where the stumbling blocks might be hidden.
  • Keeping the pace of design iteration and testing requires a lot of planning.
  • My service design background helped frame our solution in the big picture of all the user touch points with SuperCarers.

my role

With 2 visual designers on the team, it felt natural for me to look after the planning, feedback analyses and user-testing when Angela and Matt concentrated on the Sketch low to high-fidelity prototypes.

case study & spec document

Click the link below to read the full length -draft- case study.

The spec document with annotated screens and recommendations is available on request.

“I would like to say that I was extremely impressed with the skill level demonstrated by the GA team... Our interactions were invariably as informative as they were enjoyable and it was extremely valuable to expose other members of our company to how this phase of product development should be carried out properly.”
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David Elstob
Head of Frontend