COOP Club 4 players console gaming

How might we... get a 4 players LAN gaming setup ready in 1 minute, in any room?  

Setting up screens, power and network cables is a rather impractical and slow proposition for any living room...  So, I started to look at ways to make the experience easier and the setup faster: a set of pre-build travel cases.

The 4 pillars of my LAN Party idea to get gamers back in the same room for extra camaraderie and friendly banter are:

  • COOPERATIVE : a curated selection of classic and new video games for teams of gamers.
  • MULTIPLAYER: local network play, couch co-op with split-screen or connected over the internet, all in the same room.
  • VIDEO GAME: console gaming modular system with space for PS4 or Xbox One.
  • SOCIAL CLUB: evening or weekend gathering to chillout and enjoy a gaming session.

pencil down a plan

Portable AAA game systems have been dreamt of by enthusiasts for a long time... Companies have made some dubious attempts at selling under-par components packaged into cheap plastic cases and charging an arm and a leg for it!

I took the opposite view: 1080p 24 inch monitors that offers the best value for money without compromising resolution. After considering building the case myself, I found a set of rock solid flightcases at a discount price.

Then testing started... and I managed to blow one of the power adapter for lack of ventilation! Luckily, easily fixed.

measure every mm

Back to the drawing board... The Xbox power adapter actually has 2 little fans that apparently need a lot of fresh air!

Repositioning them in the centre of the case with a set of 80 mm USB fans also provides for a good ventilation of the console GPU.

Each player has a set of headphones plugged into the controller... which works well but does not provide sound for the onlookers, so I'll have to consider how add a set of speakers so the public can understand what's going on in the game.

press play!

For my friends it is a nice get together and a relaxing (if competitive at times) way to enjoy a multiplayer game in the same space rather than over the internet.

For the few private parties I organise, a chance for the kids to try out new games and work out on the spot how they have to play as a team to beat the machine…

The younger they are, the quicker they seem to understand what cooperative gaming is!