Minecraft Raspberry Pi: plug & play!

How might we... Give Gabriel access to the wonderful Raspberry Pi learning/ coding/ playing world of possibilities and give his parents the ability to control the time and place he's dedicating to digital edutainment?

Gather the plugs, cables and power supply... then hunt a suitable case that would be easily stacked away for safe keeping. A £5 underbed storage box will do the trick, after some strengthening to hold the screen. While a variety of screens are available for the Raspberry Pi, the most versatile and compatible with all projects is a full HD hdmi monitor, a basic 22 inch model.

plenty of ideas...

The RPi is an educational project with a buoyant community and a variety of creators of software and hardware: Pi-topKano, Pimoroni, PiHut...

I picked Kano as it offers a good learning curve and connects with the kids in a colourful and engaging way. The programming in Minecraft is serious play!  

building together

Best part of the fun is to put the pieces together! The plan was laid out: a piece of wood is added to the back of the box to become the monitor stand. A female kettle plug is attached to the righthand side and delivers power to the screen and the RPi.

Gabriel gets to put together the RPi case and plug it all in.


time for homework?

With the release of Raspbian Pixel, a full desktop operating system with LibreOffice and Chromium internet browser, Grabiel gets a homework computer by just swapping the SD card.