Improve user flow to create value for your business

a new collaborative energy for your product team

To bring real satisfaction to your customers, we have to observe, understand & analyse the crucial interactions real users have with your products.

I bring new data and design solutions to help your product team move forward together, making better use of their limited resources.

I contribute effectively to find better ways to define your products based on the validation from real customers.

learning mindset: creative, critical & reflective

mind, heart & skills focused on human-centered design

Mindset - Work culture curious :

Group development executive at a large Newspaper & Media company

Subject matter expert and software trainer (Editorial digital workflow)

Sales and marketing, destination manager at a luxury travel tour operator

Hobbyist IoT maker at Boombox-Pi


Heartset - World culture curious in 3 languages (EN, ES, FR)

Journalism degree at the University of Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium

On assignment freelance press-photographer in USA and the UK

Cultural tour guide and travel photographer in South America & The Caribbean

Continuous learning about change management, design thinking and new technologies


Skillset - Broad experience and deep expertise in the fields of

user experience design: Post-it ninja, Sketch, InVision

photography and digital imaging down to the pixel perfect detail

graphic & instructional design: Adobe Creative Cloud

large scale IT change implementation: JIRA, Trello, TestRail, Google Apps

metadata mapping & xml data analysis: Atom, data visualisation